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Countries To Visit

Capital: Vienna
Capital: Zagreb
Capital: Prague
Capital: Berlin
Capital: Budapest
Capital: Warsaw
Capital: Bucharest
Capital: Bratislava
Capital: Ljubljana
Capital: Kiev

That's not Central or Eastern Europe!!!

What is Central Europe? What is Eastern Europe? Perhaps you don't agree with the list of countries above. Think the scope is too narrow--or too wide? There is no hard and fast rule as to what is part of  these two arguably overlapping regions of the Old World. Where does Western Europe end, where does Asia begin, what is the border between Europe and the Baltics? The Balkans? How about the formerly divided country of Germany?

As far as this website is concerned, Eastern and Central Europe are defined by the countries listed above. At sometime, the contents may be expanded by war, peace, commerce or the interest or foresight of those creating this website. If you have a different view, feel free to share it with the webmaster.

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