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Cheapest Places on Earth: Romania
(Excerpt from Arthur Frommer's Budget Travel Magazine)

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Author: J. Thalia Cunningham
Source: Arthur Frommer's Budget Travel Magazine    © 2000-2002 by Newsweek Budget Travel, Inc.  All rights reserved.

On Halloween night, the full moon dominated the clear Bucharest sky, glowing and sinister. Like Jonathan Harker of Bram Stoker's Dracula, I realized I'd be heading into Transylvania on the morrow. Yet despite that unfortunate fellow's experience, I wasn't a bit apprehensive. After a splendid $5 meal, I was happily ensconced in plush velvet seats at the Romanian National Opera (eighth-row orchestra tickets $1.75) with Andrei, my charming guide, enjoying a magical Swan Lake--no ominous encounters looming on the horizon. ...